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Criminal Defense


When you are charged with breaking a law, the burden to prove the crime is often in the hands of the government. Maintaining your innocence and avoiding prosecution is your lawyer’s responsibility and falls into the area of criminal defense.

Criminal charges are high-stakes issues involving charges like Indecent Assault and Battery, drug related charges, Operating Under the Influence (OUI), and other criminal offenses. We have extensive experience in these and other areas of criminal defense, providing you with the best representation and strategy to guide you through the process.

The following discusses charges we frequently encounter and some of factors we consider when representing you:


Seemingly, an OUI charge is pretty straightforward.

The prosecution must prove three things:

1. You operated the car in some fashion and,

2. You operated it on a public way and,

3. That during such operation you were under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

However, there are many issues to be raised in proving each of those things. Moreover, there are issues to be raised before the prosecution can be allowed to begin to prove those things.

We have handled many OUI cases and have in-depth knowledge about every phase of the process and every piece of the substantive law in this area.

Our process begins by meeting with you to review the police report, and discuss the issues openly and objectively.

Drug Related Offenses

Beginning with a “simple” possession charge and going all the way up to trafficking in controlled substances, our experience covers the full range of drug charges. This is a truly complicated area of law, and one where individuals have a lot of rights, especially in Massachusetts.

In some instances evidence against you can be suppressed, with the case dismissed in its entirety. We have the many years of study, practice and expertise in this specialty area to mount a meaningful and successful defense. Let us put these advantages to work in fighting for your rights.

Assault/Battery Charges

These charges are particularly sensitive and should be handled with extreme caution and care for two key reasons:

1. The law is technical and very nuanced in this area and,

2. A person (the alleged victim) is complaining of having suffered at the hand of the accused

Due to these factors, anyone accused of assault/battery must consider that Prosecutors and Judges are less willing to “cut slack” to anyone charged with Assault/Battery. Our expertise and experience provide anyone charged with such a crime an honest assessment and the proper representation
to preserve their rights.

Sexual Assault

The charges usually involve a non-consensual and intentional touching, or penetration of a private body part, that is commonly regarded as such by law and society.

When someone is charged with a Sexual Assault crime it is always extremely stressful for that individual. At times, charges alone suffice to tarnish someone’s name, reputation and career, and cause irreparable harm. Furthermore, Sexual Assault is a very sensitive and delicate topic, and it must be handled as such. Moreover, experience, knowledge of the law and the rules, familiarity with the Court and the way prosecutors approach Sexual Assault cases, as well as knowledge and familiarity of the investigative process are usually a must and always favorable to a defendant.

Attorney Kavaja has experience successfully defending and counseling clients in Sexual Assault cases in various courts in the Commonwealth. He will not only be an avid advocate in the courtroom; Attorney Kavaja will always be there to answer questions, discuss the case and counsel his clients.

Other Offenses

While we have deep expertise in the above areas, our experience, knowledge and expertise spans virtually all areas of Criminal Law. Whether the charges are a misdemeanor
or a felony, we assess the strengths and weaknesses of each case, provide a straight-
forward and honest opinion, and render the professional, competent and passionate representation for all stages of Criminal Law matters.

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